Vegetables Broth With Chicken

Cooking vegetable for the baby is easy if you know how .

The bet is to always use organic fresh vegetables in order to get taste ,well smell and rich in nutrients.

It will be richer in minerals and vitamins and when the baby start eating a solid food this is a great recipe.


– 10 grams of butter
– 30 grams Chicken
-100 grams Pumpkin
– 100 grams of spinach
– 100 grams Carrots
– 500 milliliters of water


– wash and clean the vegetables
– put water in a pot
– add the cleaned vegetables
– add the chicken meat and butter,
– let them to boil
– once the veggie go soften put a side
– blend it
– feed your baby with small spoon.


Eat healthy and be healthy …


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