Make This Coconut Milk Ice Cream With Just 4 Ingredients

February 14, 2017 YjQ4Y1wrGZ 0

Unlike many other homemade ice cream recipes which demand all kinds of sugary mixtures, this one includes healthy ingredients, such as coconut milk, and does not include any of the sugary mixtures other kinds of ice-cream contain. You can even substitute the coconut milk with coconut cream, which is sold in all health food stores.

This Simple Homemade Shampoo Makes Dandruff A Thing Of The Past

December 5, 2016 YjQ4Y1wrGZ 0

Recently my wife had the same problem and after she filled the bath with a bunch of useless shampoos I decided to find something that can actually work and luckily  for her and  for our family budget I came across  an article on where they had an recipe for homemade shampoo.

Homemade Air Freshener For Fresh Fragrance In Your Home

November 15, 2016 YjQ4Y1wrGZ 0

This is a low-cost and simple method to refresh the air in your house. When you see how simple it is done, you will never purchase costly bottles of air freshener.I’ll show you 2 ways to make a freshener and bring fragrance to any space in your house. Here’s exactly what you need to do.