10%   of people have problems with  irregular bowel movements and most of them are drinking all kind of medications to  relieve constipation.

 WebMD says that:

  • fibers that are soluble in water will slow your digestion and help your body to absorb nutrients from food
  • insoluble fiber adds bulk to your stool and speed up the stool .

       Here is a fiber-fortified recipe :

          Natural Laxative Jam Recipe


  • 1 cup organic date palm
  • 1 cup organic prunes
  • 5 cups water
    *Serving is 1 tablespoon.

How to make it:

First you need to chop the dates and the prunes into little pieces and to put them in the boiling water.

You need to cook t until it becomes like a jam.


With this recipe you will have a three weeks worth of one tablespoon servings.This can be use at  any age and can be consumed in any way/

It works because:

  • prunes are very high in fiber and  sorbitol, that loosens the stool.

*Thanks to soluble fiber  the  water to remain in your stool and makes it   softer, larger, and easier to pass .

Sudden and extreme abdominal pain,can be treated with this remedy but you can also talk to your doctor to exclude other problems.

Talk to your doctor if you notice:

  •  dark blood in the stool,
  • difficulty passing stools even with the use of this recipe,
  • weight loss without dieting,
  • or very thin stools with no reason and longer then 2 days .

By using this natural remedy you will help your body to take its  natural route and go back to normal functions.


Stay happy and healthy !


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