Learn Some Amazing Tricks With Toothpaste !

Brushing your teeth is only one of the top 20 favorite uses of toothpaste.

Here we will teach you  some handy tricks that will improve your  beauty and household.

1. Silver polish

All you need is to rub a tiny amount on your silver .It will restore its shine and  will be even brighter than the day you bought it.

2. Car headlights

All you need to do is to apply some toothpaste on a sponge and rub the headlights.You will remove all the dirt.

3. Whiten keys on old piano

Clean the yellow keys same as you clean your teeth . Your piano keys will look brighter than ever.

4. Clean your snickers

Just rub your snickers with  a sponge and wait for your miracle.

5. Aviator goggles

And you simply apply a thin layer on your goggles.This is the best way  to prevent fogging.

6. Stains on tables

Clean the stains on your table simply by rubing with toothpaste.

7. Ink stains on shirts

For ink stains  you need to apply some toothpaste and let it act for 24 hours. Wash  the next day and enjoy in the result.

8. Dye stains on towels

Toothpaste will remove all stains .

9. Insect bites

You need to apply a tiny amount onto the bite area.It will  reduce the  itching and redness.

10. Pimples

Apply toothpaste on those nasty pimples ,let it act for a while and wash of .

11. Clean your iron

Clean your iron using toothpaste ,you can even use a tooth brush to rub it.

12. Clean your smart phone

Did you knew that toothpaste can help you clean your phone?

13. Footwear

Use toothpaste to clean your  shoes  and make them smell fresh like your breath .

14. Clean your carpet

Apply some toothpaste with a sponge, and wait .You will see a miracle happening right in front of your eyes.

15. Enamel stains

Easy and you don’t  have to pay and polish any cleaning mark.

16. Dirty hands

The best hand wash ever.

17. Clean your thermos

Simply fill your thermos with some hot water and squeeze some toothpaste in it.

Shake ,clean and your thermos will be super clean and disinfected.

18. Fix CD and DVD

Just rub some toothpaste onto any scratches and you will be able to enjoy your favorite CD again.

19. Remove car scratches

This is a handy top. Apply some toothpaste on a soft cloth and rub it onto any scratches. Use a clean cloth to wipe off and enjoy all the shine.

20. Hang posters

Simply apply a tiny amount on each corner and put your poster up. Taking it down will not damage your walls.

Stay happy and smart…live plain live !


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