Eat This To Reduce Triglycerides

High levels of triglycerides according to new founding  can lead to heart attacks, this  mostly happen in women over 50 years .Also  men with bad LDL / HDL cholesterol are mostly affected.

There was made a study in Finland and subjects of  study were people with  cholesterol and triglyceride levels above 203 mg / dl . This showed that this people had  4 times bigger  risk of heart attack.

Low HDL and high triglycerides usually go together and the best part of the therapy is seafood, this is helpful because  fish oil lowers triglycerides.

Another study that was conducted  at the University of Medical Sciences in Oregon  showed that :

  • a daily dose of fish oil equal to  210 g salmon, mackerel or sardines,
  • this food lowers triglycerides by over  50%.

At  University of Washington another study  was conducted and the subjects of this study  instead of their usual protein (meat, eggs, milk and cheese) were given shellfish .This was done for 3 weens and they ate this twice a day .


  • triglycerides were reduced  by 51% and 23% for crustaceans.

What you need to do to  reduced the triglycerides  for up to 25 % is  the following .

Eat garlic because one garlic cloves  daily can reduce  triglycerides up to 25%.

Eat half a cup of dry beans daily to lowers triglycerides by 17%.

Avoid eating:

  • refined white sugar
  • refined white flour
  • industrial fruit juices
  • dry fruit
  • drinking too much  alcohol ( one glass   of alcoholic beverage is ok).


The happy life is a healthy life …


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