50 Simple Self Care Ideas When You Need To Reboot

The BEST Ways to Care for Yourself

“Invest in yourself. It pays the best interest.”


Those days when we’d rather crawl back into bed than face our responsibilities and problems. Because jeez, no one ever told you as a kid there would be so many!

And often, as women, we feel this way because we put ourselves on the back burner. Our job is to take care of everyone else, and dang, we’re pretty good at it too.

Self Care Ideas For Mental Health

But we need to stop, relax, and recharge regularly so that we can be the best we can be the rest of the time.

So, whether you’re having a bad day, or just need a little reboot, read these self-care ideas and be ready to implement them whenever you need it!

1. Drink a cup of herbal tea

2. Try a few positive affirmations.

3. Write 10 things you are grateful for

4. Take a detox bath

5. Try a new face mask

6. Breathe deeply

7. Yoga poses

8. Sleep

9. Exercise

10. Walk in nature

11. Buy yourself flowers

12. Write 5 things you love about yourself

13. Journal

14. Make a bucket list or vision board

15. Declutter 10 items

16. Read a personal growth book

17. Go for a long walk

18. Get a massage

19. Do something that makes you laugh

20. Plan a getaway

21. Stretch to relieve tension

22. Watch your favorite show

23. Have a night with friends

24. Do a brain dump

25. Go out on a date night

26. Do something for the first time, like try a new restaurant or skill

27. Give yourself (or get) a manicure

28. Call or text someone you love

29. Light your favorite candle

30. Listen to your favorite podcast

31. Spend time with someone who inspires you

32. Cook your favorite meal

33. Plan a spa day

34. Do a digital detox

35. Eat a salad or smoothie

36. Get out in the sunshine

37. Go to your favorite place

38. Take some pretty photos

39. Listen to your favorite music

40. Hug someone

41. Drink a full glass of water

42. Read inspirational quotes

43. Put on nice clothes and makeup

44. Watch a motivational Ted Talk

45. Watch the sunrise

46. Refresh your morning routine

47. Change your sheets

48. Diffuse essential oils

49. Do something nice for someone

50. Go out for a coffee

Something To Think About

And who says you have to be having a bad day to practice this self-care!

Pick one each day for the next week and see how much better you feel! 🙂

Want to keep these ideas handy?


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