She Soaked Her Feet in Mouthwash and When You Learn Why, You Will Immediately Do the Same

Taking proper care of your feet is crucial and it can be done  with cheaper and more natural ingredients .With the help of the following ingredients, you can treat bunions, fungal infections, corns, blisters, gout, and Athlete’s foot 100% naturally.

Here they are:



For fungal infection:

  • soak your feet in mouthwash for half an hour every day.
    If its on your hands then you need to soak them into mouthwash.


For Athlete’s foot:

  • apply some mashed garlic between the toes and let it do its magic for the next  24 hours.



For foot corns:

  • cut a slice of onion and soak it in some ACV .Next,apply it onto the lower part of the foot and put on socks. Repeat this daily until the feet soften.


Chili sauce

For bunions:

  • apply a bit of chili sauce and Vaseline onto the affected area and wrap it with gauze.
  • This will relaxes the nerves causing pain and will reduce the swelling.



Salt will lower the  pain caused by bunions because is rich with  magnesium sulfate .

Some extra tips:

  • For treating gout, exclude sugar from your diet.
  • Consume more cherries and strawberries  for inflammations.
  • Stay beautiful and healthy …


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