Natural Antibiotic That Destroys 650 Different Pathogens And Infections In 72 Hours!

Colloidal silver is not very popular, but  is very powerful medicine that predates the pharmaceutical industry by a number of years.

Many studies  show  that silver has no direct effect on the human body, which  proves that doesn’t cause side effects, but it makes wonders.It  can be used for killing almost 650 different infections, bacteria, viruses, and fungi!

The clear choice is colloidal silver.It clears  a wide range of maladies from the human body.

Here are few:

1.Ear infection
The Colloidal Silver  works as a protector from all ear  infections so just  put Silver in your ears as any other liquid drops.

2.Eye infection
Just put the Silver on your eye because it works without any effects on the tissues.

3.Common cold
Just use  a spray from Colloidal Silver.

The Silver is a very powerful antibacterial agent,and  you can use it for this issue.

5.Sinus problems
The Silver will kill any types of infection,  remove the germs.Just apply the Silver like any standard nasal spray.

Eczema is inflammation on the skin,  caused by some bacteria. Colloidal silver eliminates that bacteria and  reduce the inflammation.

Removing the tonsils is not the only solution for this problem. Colloidal silver is effective at reducing the infection.

8.Yeast infection
The yeast is a cell fungus, use Colloidal Silver to remove all negatives, and prevent the yeast from reproducing.

9.Common Warts
Regular treatment with Colloidal Silver will shrink any wart.

This disease is caused an by infection in the lungs, which can be treated with a colloidal silver inhaler. Tuberculosis is relatively expensive to fight with standard pharmaceutical drugs, but colloidal silver is a safer, more affordable option.

The different types of pathogens and infections can cause Pneumonia and colloidal silver is great treatment for pneumonia since it is equally effective at destroying viral infections as it is bacterial infections.

Use Colloidal Silver as a face wash and apply it directly to the skin.

13.Flu viruses
Flu viruses can be eliminated with Colloidal Silver,  proved by many studies .

The herpes virus is yet another that can be suppressed with colloidal silver. It can be taken as a topical treatment when flare-ups occur, and it has been shown to be effective at eliminating the virus when taken orally.

HIV is one of the viruses colloidal silver might be able to destroy.

Limited research has been done on the subject, and colloidal silver can limit the activity and even reduce the population of the virus in patients.

Colloidal Silver is powerful as disinfectant, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial treatment,and is effectively used  over 75 years after it was supposedly made obsolete by the pharmaceutical industry.


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