Heal Dry And Cracked Feet Naturally

All-natural means to care for your feet at home to prevent and heal your foot skin from daily wear and tear.
An DIY beauty care and healing remedies from home are cheap alternative and will keep you away from harmful chemicals.

DIY Baking Soda Foot Soak to Cure Dry Cracked Feet


– Soft scrub sponge or brush or pumice stone
– Moisturizer
– Lavender oil
– 4-5 liters of warm water in a bucket
– 3 tablespoons of baking soda


– pour the baking soda in the bucket of water
– Mix
– the baking soda needs to be fully dissolved
– add a few drops of lavender oil
– soak the feet for 15-20 minutes
– run the underside using a soft scrub sponge, a pumice stone, or a scrub brush
– next,coat the feet in moisturizer high in glycerin, Vaseline, or coconut oil
– put socks on to seal the moisture
– sleep with the socks on all night
– repeat a few times a week
– also do this two times a month during the winter season.

This will help you in stepping out with confidence and to have amazing feet.

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