Food to Fight Depression and Anxiety and Boost Your Mood

If you are  feeling sad or empty and no  longer interested in things you were once passion about then you  may be experiencing anxiety or depression, according to the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine.
40 million American adults are suffering from anxiety disorder and there are many foods to help boost your mood.

1. Sour Cherries.

  • lack of sleep can cause or  be a symptom of depression
  • eight hours of sleep is important
  • sour cherries have high levels of melanin
  • this  chemical signals your brain that  it is time to get some shut-eye
  • drink a glass of sour cherry juice or eating twenty tart cherries before bedtime.

2. Green Tea.

  • contains  L-theanine, component with psychoactive properties
  • able to reduce stress and increase dopamine levels in the brain
  • drink a piping hot cup of green tea first thing in the morning.

3. Fish.

  • Salmon,
  • trout,
  • tilapia,
  • flounder,
  • mackere
  • all are high in B vitamins
  • they impact serotonin, dopamine, and other mood-controlling chemicals
  • a vitamin B deficiency can  cause depression.

4. Eggs

  • the B vitamins and protein in egg yolks  improve the neural function in your brain that controls mood
  • scrambled, poached, sunny-side up, or boiled  eggs are  a protein-rich breakfast that  help set a positive mood for the rest of your day.

5. Avocado.

  • rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that helps reduce stress .

6. Almonds.

  • contain B vitamin folate, the amino acid tyrosine, magnesium, and antioxidant
  • also contain calcium, protein, and monounsaturated fats
  • a handful as a mid-afternoon snack  a day will do.

7. Pumpkin Seeds.

–  a cup of pumpkin seeds everyday can increase your magnesium intake

-it will keep you light and happy.

8. Dark chocolate.

  • cocoa increases serotonin levels in the brain.
  • eat a square or two of 70% or higher dark chocolate for dessert.


Keep it natural and organic …


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